Analysis of the CADCHF pair with the System Sync trading system by Julien Moog.

Entry (buy signal on 1 hour timeframe with CADCHF):

- With template !system_sync: price is close from the Average Daily Range (ADR 1.1) red line
- With template !system_sync: price is below the Average Weekly Range (ADR 1.12) yellow line

- With template !PRD_WWCCI: price is near past regression deviated (orange) lower band, fibo (white) lower band and atr channel (pink) lower band
- With template !PRD_WWCCI: Weighted WCCI blue thick line is close from the lower red line

- With template 0div: stepftvcprdl cyan line is above the magenta line
- With template 0div: stepftvcprdl magenta or cyan line acts as a support for the orange line

- With template jm adr murrey: price is <= the orange -1/8 Ove line of Murrey Math

- With template 0Corona: the number "3" in a yellow circle is displayed on the bar
With template 0Corona: the Ichimoku cloud is going up
- With template 0Corona: TSCD red histogram < 0
- With template 0Corona: Stochastic 5,3,3 <= 20
- With template 0Corona: RealMACD blue line is at least as low as the yellow histogram

- With template 0Corona: on the current timeframe x 6 or x 7 (H6 or H7 if you use a H1 timeframe ; H3 or 210 minutes if you use a 30 minutes timeframe): Ichimoku red>blue

- With the QChartist software: price is near a line of the Jupiter Saturn Cycle indicator (lines must be well spaced)
CADCHFH1_Jupiter - Saturn
In order to setup the Jupiter Saturn indicator, first we open a Daily chart of CADCHF and we change the settings of the indicator.
The ratio can be for example 1 or 0.1 or 10 or 0.01 (it is the space between the lines)... The offset must be a multiple of 360 (0 or 3600 or 7200...) (it is the y coordinate of the first line).
We can compress or expand the price scale to view the lines of the indicator with the buttons at the upper left corner of the chart.
Then once the lines are well spaced, we open the H1 chart of CADCHF with the same settings for the astro indicator.

In order to open the .csv MT4 charts from QChartist, you need to export .csv files from MT4 history center.

Additionaly, you should use QC's FFTspectro and spectrometer_separate to determine the trend
We put a Stop Loss of at least 100 pips.

Exit (Target Point) (for a buy signal):
With template 0tmacg:
- price reachs the Volatility.Pivot gray line
- stochastic 5,3,3 is near 80
- price reachs the Tma+CG middle dot line

If the price doesn't reach our TP and breaks the Murrey Math -2/8Ext, the Jupiter Saturn line and the stepftvcprdl cyan line to the down side
then we will close our buy position and open a sell position. And we close our Short when price reachs Murrey Math -1/8 Ove on any timeframe > the current tf.

And a few hours later:

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