Analysis of the GBPCHF pair with the System Sync trading system by Julien Moog.

Entry (sell signal on 4 hour timeframe with GBPCHF):

- With template !system_sync: price is close from the Average Daily Range (ADR 1.1) blue marine line
- With template !system_sync: price is above the Average Weekly Range (ADR 1.12) yellow line

- With template !PRD_WWCCI: price is near past regression deviated (orange) higher band, fibo (white) higher band and atr channel (pink) higher band
- With template !PRD_WWCCI: Weighted WCCI blue thick line is close from the higher red line

- With template 0div: stepftvcprdl cyan line is below the magenta line
- With template 0div: stepftvcprdl magenta or cyan line acts as a resistance for the orange line

- With template jm adr murrey: price is >= the orange +1/8 Ove orange line of Murrey Math

- With template 0Corona: the number "3" in a yellow circle is displayed on the bar
- With template 0Corona: TSCD red histogram > 0
- With template 0Corona: Stochastic 5,3,3 near 80
- With template 0Corona: RealMACD blue line is at least as high as the yellow histogram

- One of the 2 sinusoids with the highest amplitude is pointing down (QChartist fftspectro indicator)

- The sinusoid with the highest amplitude is pointing down (red) (MT4 spectrometer_separate indicator)

- With the QChartist software: detrended price is near a line of the Mercury indicator (resistance) (planet scale indicator)

In order to open the .csv MT4 charts from QChartist, you need to export .csv files from MT4 history center.

We put a Stop Loss of at least 100 pips.

Exit (Target Point) (with the sell signal):
With template 0tmacg:
- price reachs the Volatility.Pivot gray line
- stochastic 5,3,3 is near 20
- price reachs the Tma+CG middle dot line


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