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Welcome to the QChartist Exchange & Community

The QChartist Community and more precisely the members area will give you the keys you need to succeed in your life on all plans.

QChartist Exchange is a virtual Market Place.
Become a virtual-shares holder and make money trading QChartist coins.

QChartist Exchange is still in beta test phase. It is still in development but is already functional. You can already buy coins.

QChartist Exchange works exactly the way Forex Market does: buy our coins, follow the evolution of your shares, sell them at the right moment, make profits, and withdraw your cash in real USD.

You can invest as little as a few cents, as well as thousands dollars. You can start investing and making big money right now, while having fun. Because QChartist is getting more and more famous worldwide, share's values are increasing!

Deposits are fully automated. There is no shares limit, so you can buy as many coins as you want. You may make an additional investment as many times as you like. All transactions are handled via Bitcoin. Your money is completely safe with QChartist Exchange. If you don't have a Bitcoin account, you need to get one.

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If I buy coins, do I partly become owner of the shares ?
Yes of course, you will be owner of your shares.

How can I fund my QChartist account ?
You must join QChartist to fund your account. You can fund your account using Bitcoin. Just go into your account in order to do so. Transactions are fully secured using the SSL protocol.

How long does it take for you to credit my account, after I've made a payment ?
Accounts are credited instantaneously!

How can I withdraw my dollars ?
We use Bitcoin or Ethereum to pay you back. Payments are manual and processed under 3-4 business days.

When can I ask for a withdrawal ?
You must be a QChartist member to make withdrawals and you must sell at least one coin.

What ensures us that the value of a QChartist coin is not under the influence of its founders?
We are strongly engaged never to borrow money that is invested by the members of QChartist and for any reason it may be. The value of the QChartist coin is automatically calculated by a script containing a complex mathematical formula. We never intervene in the data-processing calculation. So we ensure you that the value of QChartist coin is not under the influence of anyone and that we act with respect and honesty.

I am well afraid that the value of the QChartist coin rises too quickly, that the price of a unit becomes exorbitant and that nobody will be interested any more by such an investment. Isn't this a pyramidal system?
Despite of what you could think, QChartist is not a pyramidal system. The mathematical formula making it possible to automatically determine the value of the QChartist coin uses a logarithmic function and not a linear one. This makes it possible to regulate the value of the QChartist coin in the way that it does not undergo too important rises and that its price remains accessible.


QChartist Coin Exchange edits and offers to its customers an investment program which works like the stock exchange's one.
The customer declares to have juridical capacity to engage himself with this present contract, to know contractual documents, and to accept them without any reserve.


You can open a new account for free. The user can, if he wants, and if his country jurisdiction allows that, credit his account by means of an organism called Bitcoin. No tax except virtual bank charges will not be billed on payments by virtual bank.

Convert your dollars into QCHARTIST Coins : Go to the section 'Market Place', and Buy your coins. Enter the number of coins you want to buy, and make your purchase using the Bitcoin secured payment interface.

Convert your coins into dollars : Go to the section 'Market Place', and Sell your coins. Payments are made manually. Expect a 48 hours delay max to get your funds.

With QChartist Exchange, the length of life of your coins is unlimited, as long as you don't sell them.


The customer recognizes and positively accepts that QChartist Exchange responsibility should not be directly or indirectly engaged in any manner or reason due to:
- the damages caused by an interruption of its services, independent of its intention and/or justified by any wrong customer's behaviour.
- an incident or interruption of service caused by wrong working equipments and/or inadequacy, customer's equipments and/or software and infrastructures, whatever cause it may be.
- the use of prohibited services or data transmission in contravention with this contract dispositions.
- a third party intrusion in the QChartist Exchange computer system bringing about the customer's data divulgation by this third party or the diffusion of any harmful software such as virus, worms, trojans
- a third party intrusion in the customer's computer system, during the connection between the QChartist Exchange service center and the customer's computer system.
- the nature or content of the informations whatever nature it may be, data and files circulating and accessible on the pages protected by QChartist Exchange.
- any commercial damage, business loss, order loss, commercial trouble, profit loss, public image loss, or action against the customer profit by everybody it may be.

QChartist Exchange does not give any guarantee and does not take on any responsibility relative to the use of information given on the site. In particular, QChartist Exchange is not responsible neither exactness, nor errors/omissions contained in the website
The user is the only responsible of the use of this information.
The present links on the site can redirect the user towards exterior sites which content, edited by a third part, should not, in any case, engage QChartist Exchange responsibility. QChartist Exchange website should not be compared to a bet online site, or a casino. QChartist Exchange members promise to use services given by the site, in an only play or didactic aim, not to gather earnings. QChartist Exchange refuses to accept responsibility about eventual financial damages suffered by the users, relative to the use of tools called 'stock market' on the website. The values called stock market engaged on the QChartist Exchange website are not indexed on the real stock exchange rate. The values called stock market are subjected to the only laws of interior market.

Anti-Spam Policy

- We do not tolerate spam in any of its forms or methods.
- Any members caught spamming will have their memberships cancelled and personal details forwarded to the appropriate authorities.
- Members are allowed to post messages advertising us only on appropriate forums or in chatrooms where such posting is allowed. In any other case such posting will be considered as spam and members resorting to spamming will have their accounts cancelled.
- In case you plan on advertising us on various forums and private groups where such posting is allowed, you are obliged to notify us about such posts.

Policies against computer abuses

Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS):
Denial of service is when someone decides to make your network or firewall useless and unavailable to others by disrupting it, crashing it, jamming it, or flooding it. The problem with denial of service on the Internet is that it is impossible to prevent. Distributed Denial of service attacks work the same as other DoS attacks but instead of sending the conjestion from one computer it is sent from manny. There is a hefty penalty for getting caught disrupting someone else's services by a DoS attack. Someone found guilty of engaging in a DoS attack will suffer a big penalty.

List of available instruments
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