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Welcome to the QChartist Community & Exchange

This website will soon present the greatest community of people who have succeeded in their life, all because of the Internet.

The QChartist Community will give you the keys you need to save a nice sum of money to ensure your old days.

QChartist Exchange is a virtual Market Place backed by Bitcoin.
Trade coins 24/24 7/7 with

It works exactly the way Forex Market does: buy our coins, follow the evolution of your shares, sell them at the right moment, make profits, and withdraw your Bitcoins.

You can start investing and making big money right now, while having fun. Because QChartist is getting more and more famous worldwide, share's values are increasing!

No trading fees, no transaction fees, no margin account needed, no spread, no withdrawal fees, just a small fixed fee for deposits.

Low risk trading. Bitcoin payments accepted.

Take advantage from the referral program: earn 2% for each deposits made by your referrals!

With your qchartist account, you can login and trade from this website, you can follow your positions and their price in realtime, and manage your orders.

As a member of the Community, you will also gain access to:
- free trading signals
- ebooks about trading
- our technical analysis charting software with dedicated support
- submission and management of your websites in the qchartist finance directory
- free SEO
- our newsletters
- membership to the community
- free QCHARTIST tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet network
- free ETH and BTC from our trading profits
- goodies
- powerful advices to boost your health through nutrition and overcome stress
- a practical guide to profitable trading systems
- and many more

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