• fast C++ computations
  • astro libraries with indicators and wheel interface
  • easily programmable with both Basic and C++
  • many source examples and all tools you need to extend functionnalities are on the website
  • MT4 (MetaTrader 4) indicators can be easily ported
  • getting realtime quotes (currencies, stocks) or data (temperature, ...) is possible and free
  • many (85) efficient custom indicators are included
  • indicators can use multiple timeframes alltogether
  • many drawing tools, which are persistent and readjusted even when you scroll the chart
  • many useful functions that can be reused for new indicators, modules, improvements
  • you can automate the analysis process (scanners are available with QTGuard)
  • automatic software updates can be enabled / disabled
  • Pre Market data for US Stocks
  • Compatible with Real Time intraday and more quotes from Yahoo Finance (stocks) and Alpha Vantage (currencies and stocks) (Create your free API key on the site) and EOD data from Stooq

Revision after revision, QChartist allows more and more functionalities. It is really a flexible software with extensive functionalities.

- You can draw geometrical shapes:
    - trendline
    - Fibonacci fan
    - Fibonacci retracements
    - horizontal line
    - vertical line
    - square
    - equilateral triangle
    - circle
    - cross
    - inverted circle
    - text
    - Andrews pitchforks

    - ellipses

    - Cycle lines
    - Log/Exp curves
    - Price/Time extensions
    - sinusoids    
    - square of 9 and 144 floating
    - logarithmic / equiangular spiral    
    - pentagram

    - angled cycle    
    - polygons : pentagone, hexagone, octogone

    - conic from five points    
    - square of 9 and 144 floating

- You can put indicators on your charts:
    - Moving Averages
    - Bollinger Bands
    - Vegas Channel
    - BB - HL
    - ATR Channel
    - Center Of Gravity COG
    - Average Daily / Weekly / Monthly Range

    - Pivot points supports and resistances
    - COG of RSTL
    - Din Fibo High
    - Elliott Waves with 3_Level_ZZ_Semafor
    - TD Sequential
    - VWAP with volumes
    - BabonH1 tpl with TriangularMA4H TriangularMA1H
    - Enveloppes
    - Ichimoku    
    - Jupiter - Saturn cycle (planetary lines astro indicator) also called the Chronocrator or master time factor

    - Levels
    - MA Channels FiboEnv Mid
    - Murrey Math (Fractals)
    - past regression deviated (Time Series Forecast TSF channel)
    - planetary lines
    - planetsqn Chapter 15 Square of 9 Nine planet Sun on daily charts
    - RSTL    
    - Fibo MA Channels

    - Square numbers lines
    - Synodic cycle for all planets
    - TMA - CG
    - Time Series Forecast TSF
    - Volatility Pivot
    - Volatility Stop    
    - WaterLevel

    - Weekly Pivot    
    - ZigZag

    - ztrendline slope Pi ratio

- You can put indicators on the separate canvas:
    - Accelerator
    - Money Flow Index MFI
    - Average True Range ATR
    - Value Chart (detrend price oscillator)
    - Relative Strength Index RSI
    - astro retrograde

    - Candle Average
    - CoronaSwingPosition
    - Corona Trend Vigor
    - declination system
    - Ehlers fisher transform
    - energy

    - FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) spectrometer
    - Force index
    - Gauquelin sector (astro)
    - j_tpo
    - Volume
    - LSS

    - Moon scale
    - planetary speed
    - planet scale from W D Gann
    - RBCI
    - realMACD

    - spectrometer (J M Hurst Cycles)
    - stepftvcprdl
    - StepRSI
    - stochasticRSI
    - ValueChartATRChannels
    - various oscillators
    - VWAP Oscillator
    - SwamiRSI
    - TSCD (Time Series Convergence Divergence)

Value Chart of ATR Channels
    - Weighted WCCI
- You can make charts additions, subtractions, multiplication, division (Click on Mixer)
- You can use a
logarithmic axis type
- You can change the chart type to candlesticks, line, point, polar, astro wheel...
- You can use custom timeframes

- You can create your own experts which will analyse your charts automatically and alert you for a signal

- You can use Scilab (a free Matlab alternative) with QChartist

- QChartist is compiled with RapidQ and MinGW together

- And many many more features...

The source code of QChartist is fully included for multiple reasons :
- portions of code written under the GPL license belong to their respective authors
- this will allow many programmers to contribute to the project and to improve it
- in order to include new indicators in the program, the entire source code must be recompiled
Since QC is delivered with its entire source code, compiler, programming guide, and IDLE, it is very easy and rapid to extend its possibilities, even for novice programmers.

Configuration required:
Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP, Me,Vista, 7, 8, 10 or WineHQ 1.4

Thank you for using and supporting my software! I hope you like it and find it useful.

Screenshots :

Generic indicators :

Planetary lines astro indicator :

Astro wheel :

Declination astro indicator :

Planet scale astro indicator :