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April 24, 2023

QChartist readme documentation text files line ending issue

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I recently decided to work under Linux and to write QChartist text files under this system.

Although QChartist is designed to work on Windows, i prefer to work with it on Linux with WineHQ.

So if you have problems to read the readme.txt file and to edit the QChartist.ini file under Windows :

Use Wordpad to display and edit my text files with correct line endings under Windows.

Text files line ending compatibility between Windows and Linux is an old problem.

Windows uses \r\n at the end of each line whereas Linux uses only \n at the end of lines.

That’s why you should not use Notepad under Windows to view or edit QChartist files, use Wordpad or JFE instead.

Thanks for your attention.

April 23, 2023

QChartist build 271 is out!

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QChartist build 271 is out!

  • Twelvedata Data Source implemented !
    Twelvedata supports Stocks, FX, Crypto, ETF and Indices.
    It also supports the 240 minutes interval.
  • Documentations updated
    You can run update and recompile with QTStart

What Else? What’s New about QChartist?

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Good News : I still have some New Ideas in Mind to improve QC !

– I intend to implement Twelvedata data source to QC.
It will support intraday historical data (and even the 240 min TF!).
It will support Stocks, FX, Crypto, ETF and even Indices !
I believe that the implementation of Twelvedata will be a wonderful improvement because there was a lack of 240 minutes time interval.
I had to use the period converter to convert 60M to 240M, this was tedious.
With this new data source, 240M time interval will be finally built-in !
And cherry on the cake : the Live Chart Refresh mode will work on 240M TF, which will be perfect to follow the exit strategy with TMA_CG (System #3 Price Action System).
See https://twelvedata.com/docs for more info. Twelvedata rocks !
All that remains now is to get to work to program that. I just need to find some time. This will be done for the next build : 271.

– Another thing for the build 271 will be to add in the documentations that :
For Alpha Vantage Crypto Data Source, you don’t have to put the Cross Pair for the symbol :
the correct syntax for the symbol is : “BTC” or “ETH” (not “BTCUSD” nor “BTC/USD” which do not work)

– Another thing for the build 271 will be to add in the documentations that :
The Market Watchlist does not work under Windows 10 with WineHQ. But it works great under Windows 7.
If you want to use the Watchlist, all what you have to do is to run “winecfg” in the terminal and select “Windows 7” instead of “Windows 10”.

Have a nice weekend !

March 30, 2023

Canon Canon de Pachelbel en 432 hz – 8 acides aminés

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Cette musique relaxante a la particularité d’avoir huit notes correspondants exactement aux huit acides aminés primordiales chez l’homme. On sait aujourd’hui que chaque acide aminé possède sa propre fréquence qui se fixe en oscillation. Ces huit notes essentielles font parties de notre chaîne polypeptidiques (chaîne de 10 à 100 acides aminés reliés). Son écoute pénètre notre corps qui va être stimulé dans la protéine d’activation de la GTPase. Cette activation permet aux circuits enzymatiques de réguler le métabolisme de la biosynthèse, tous les réactions chimique de notre corps, gestion du chaud et du froid, digestion, rythmes cardiaque etc. Dans sa composition Canon Pachabel a voulu s’assurer qu’elle fasse du bien quelque soit le moment où on la prend dans l’écoute, en lui attribuant de nombreux couplets sur des rythmes différents. Les basses ayant une fréquence de résonnance choisit par Pachelbel , elles viennent réconforter le thème initial au niveau du rapport entre les fréquences. La protéine nourrit par cette musique produit un puissant anti stress pour l’homme. Un seul conseil… écoutez là le plus souvent et vous verrez…

March 26, 2023

The Mudra of Infinity to protect yourself from the negative around you.

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The Mudra of Infinity to protect yourself from the negative around you.

The Mudra of Infinity to protect yourself from the negative around you.

February 24, 2023

Since December 2022, QChartist is head to head with MetaTrader 4

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QChartist (QC) – MetaTrader 4 (MT4) comparison tab:

QChartistMetaTrader 4
Drawing tools (objects)6024
IndicatorsA hundredTousands available from various contributors
Live or Realtime chartsYes, Live Charts for tousands of tickers from
various data sources. Also a realtime watchlist..
Custom Price Alerts with sound and email.
Yes, Realtime charts but for a limited number of symbols
Realtime watchlist + realtime updated charts.
Custom Price Alerts with sound and email.
Intraday data availableYesYes
EOD data availableYesYes
StocksTousands of stocks available from various data sourcesOnly a few stocks are available depending on your broker
IndicesAll indices availableAll indices available
ForexAll pairs availableAll pairs available
CommoditiesAll commodities availableAll commodities available
CryptoAll crypto pairs are availableSome crypto pairs are available
Depth of historical dataDown to the 1970’s depending on the data sourceIt depends on the broker, difficulty to get data before 2000
Indicators loading speedFaster thanks to C++ coding abilitiesFast thanks to MQL which is almost as fast as C++
Historical data passes
year 2038 and after
Backtesting toolsNoYes
Can trade directly with
a broker
Tools for orders management
(expert advisors…)
Market ScannerYes (QTGuard)No, but paid solutions are available
Astro tools and indicatorsYes, built-inYes, but not built-in, complex to install with libraries…
Open SourceYesNo
Set price alertsYesYes
Beauty, design, GUI, coding
Very basicQuite beautiful
Number of separate indicators
that can be attached to the chart
Just one for the momentAs much as you want
Templates can be accessed
Just click on the template icon and choose your template
from the selection
You can click on the File menu > Load template
and choose a .tpl file in the filedialog
Just click on the template icon and choose your template
from the selection
Also accessible from in the Menu
ease to pass from one chart to
You have to click on the combobox and click on the
Simply click on the tabs (faster)
Level of complexity that can
be achieved
Complex (C++), unlimited (Open Source)Almost as complex (MQL), limited (Closed Source)
Chart types available83 (Bars, Candlesticks, Lines)
Logarithmic price scaleYesNo
Draw symbols (arrows, stickers,
Change indicators colors, line style
and width, transparency
Not implemented. Causes buffers limitationsYes
One indicator can be attached
multiple times with different parameters
Languages available1 (English)39
Full screen chartYesYes
Chart windows can be arranged
Text To Speech functionYesNo
Data source flexibility
(new data sources can be easily added
with API keys)
Complete documentationBasic documentation but many undocumented featuresPrecise and complete documentation
Easy to programEasyDifficult
Rapidity to download chartsMediumFast
User can interact with drawing directly
on the chart with the mouse cursor
Not implemented yet!Yes
Maximum amount of indicator buffersUnlimited amount of indicator buffers!The amount of indicator buffers cannot exceed 512
Subscription Free ChartsYou can get charts without a subscription thanks to the
Yahoo Finance Free API
It requires a subscription to a broker to get charts and

To conclude: QChartist and MetaTrader 4 are good free charting software alternatives and they are complementary. They are a good and powerful combo when used together because there are some things that QChartist can’t do and some things that MT4 can’t do. Together, they can do many things, otherwise everything !

Are you rather Windows or Linux ?

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Why do i prefer Windows ?

  • Compatible with most softwares apps and games available on the market

Why do i prefer Linux ?

  • Prevents eavesdropping from Google, Microsoft, Akamai and Amazon when Online on the Internet
  • Prevents waste of CPU resources from these companies
  • As a result, CPU Fan is less used and thus the computer is now completely silent
  • WineHQ seems to be faster and more stable

To conclude : I have no preference between Windows and Linux since they are complementary.

It depends on the usage that you do with your computer.

February 21, 2023


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Lindenmayer L-Systems Rules
Creating turtle fractal art with L-Systems just for the fun

These fractals are created with my free L-System app that you can download here:
First install Python 3.8 for Windows :
Then extract this zip file in a folder inside your Python38-32 folder :


Axiom: F
Production 1: F
Rule 1: +F++DF++D[F]D+
Production 2: D
Rule 2: D
Iterations: 7
Angle: 30

von Koch – acute snowflake
rules={“F”: “F-F++F-F”}

Cesaro curve #1
rules={“F”: “F+F–F+F”}

Mango Leaf
rules={“X”: “F-FF-F–[–X]F-FF-F–F-FF-F–“, “Y”: “f-F+X+F-fY”}

Weed, P. Bourke
rules={“F”: “FF-[XY]+[XY]”,”X”:”+cFY”,”Y”:”-dFX”,”c”:””,”d”:””}

poetasters weed, after, P. Bourke
rules={“F”: “F-[XY]+[XY]F+[XY]-[XY]”,”X”:”+dFY”,”Y”:”-cFX”,”c”:””,”d”:””}

Unlikely bush (after Bourke)
rules={“F”: “eF[+cFF][-FF]cF[-F]d[+F]F”,”c”:””,”d”:””,”e”:””}

von Koch – islands and lakes
rules={“F”: “F+f-FF+F+FF+Ff+FF-f+FF-F-FF-Ff-FFF”, “f”: “ffffff”}

2D bush #9
rules={“G”: “GfX[+G][-G]”, “X”: “X[-FFF][+FFF]FX”}

Snake Kolam
rules={“X”: “XF-F-F+XF+F+XF-F-F+X”}

rules={“X”: “X+YF++YF-FX–FXFX-YF+”, “Y”: “-FX+YFYF++YF+FX–FX-Y”}

segments 1
rules={“A”: “FBFA+HFA+FB-FA”, “B”: “FB+FA-FB-JFBFA”, “H”: “-“, “J”: “+”, “F”: “”}

rules={“F”: “FF”, “X”: “F-[[X]+X]+F[+FX]-X”}

rules={“W”: “[X]+”, “X”: “[+++++++++++++Y[X]]————-Y[X]”, “Y”: “YFYF”}

Tree 2
rules={“F”: “F”, “X”: “FFF-[-F+F[Y]-[X]]+[+F+F[X]-[X]]”, “Y”: “FF-[-F+F]+[+F+FY]”}

P. Bourke after Saupe
rules={“V”: “[+++W][—W]YV”,”W”:”+X[-W]Z”,”X”:”-W[+X]Z”,”Y”:”YZ”,”Z”:”[-FcFF][+FdFF]F”,”c”:””,”d”:””}

poetasters succulent 1
rules={“A”: “[FL]gAhg[FLA]”,”F”:”cSF”,”S”:”dFL”,”L”:”c[F+F+F]fe[F-F-F]”,”c”:””,”d”:””,”e”:””,”g”:””,”h”:””}

Pean-c flower after Gary Teachout
rules={“F”: “”,”X”:”[FX-FY][-cFX-FY-FX][ZZ]-dFY-FX+FY+FX”,”Y”:”FY”,”Z”:”-cFX-FY-FX”,”c”:””,”d”:””,”h”:””,”i”:””}


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The Five Reiki Principles are as follows:

Just for today:

I will not worry.
I will not be angry.
I will do my work honestly.
I will give thanks for my many blessings.
I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.

Technology and Hardware

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OpenAI Product, Announcements ChatGPT is a sibling model to InstructGPT, which is trained to follow an instruction in a prompt and provide a detailed response. We are excited to introduce ChatGPT to get users’ feedback and learn about its strengths and weaknesses. During the research preview, usage of ChatGPT is free. Try it now at chat.openai.com


Developing safe and beneficial AI requires people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. View careers. I encourage my team to keep learning. Ideas in different topics or fields can often inspire new ideas and broaden the potential solution space. Lilian Weng Applied AI at OpenAI.

Amazon Fire TV is a line of digital media players and microconsoles developed by Amazon. The devices are small network appliances that deliver digital audio and video content streamed via the Internet to a connected high-definition television.

CPU benchmark with a huge database.

Nipogi Mini PC


Shop the Meta Quest 2 all-in-one VR headset and immerse yourself within new virtual worlds. Explore everything that our second gen VR device has to offer. Meta Quest 2: Immersive All-In-One VR Headset | Meta Store

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