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April 24, 2023

QChartist readme documentation text files line ending issue

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I recently decided to work under Linux and to write QChartist text files under this system.

Although QChartist is designed to work on Windows, i prefer to work with it on Linux with WineHQ.

So if you have problems to read the readme.txt file and to edit the QChartist.ini file under Windows :

Use Wordpad to display and edit my text files with correct line endings under Windows.

Text files line ending compatibility between Windows and Linux is an old problem.

Windows uses \r\n at the end of each line whereas Linux uses only \n at the end of lines.

That’s why you should not use Notepad under Windows to view or edit QChartist files, use Wordpad or JFE instead.

Thanks for your attention.

April 23, 2023

QChartist build 271 is out!

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QChartist build 271 is out!

  • Twelvedata Data Source implemented !
    Twelvedata supports Stocks, FX, Crypto, ETF and Indices.
    It also supports the 240 minutes interval.
  • Documentations updated
    You can run update and recompile with QTStart

What Else? What’s New about QChartist?

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Good News : I still have some New Ideas in Mind to improve QC !

– I intend to implement Twelvedata data source to QC.
It will support intraday historical data (and even the 240 min TF!).
It will support Stocks, FX, Crypto, ETF and even Indices !
I believe that the implementation of Twelvedata will be a wonderful improvement because there was a lack of 240 minutes time interval.
I had to use the period converter to convert 60M to 240M, this was tedious.
With this new data source, 240M time interval will be finally built-in !
And cherry on the cake : the Live Chart Refresh mode will work on 240M TF, which will be perfect to follow the exit strategy with TMA_CG (System #3 Price Action System).
See https://twelvedata.com/docs for more info. Twelvedata rocks !
All that remains now is to get to work to program that. I just need to find some time. This will be done for the next build : 271.

– Another thing for the build 271 will be to add in the documentations that :
For Alpha Vantage Crypto Data Source, you don’t have to put the Cross Pair for the symbol :
the correct syntax for the symbol is : “BTC” or “ETH” (not “BTCUSD” nor “BTC/USD” which do not work)

– Another thing for the build 271 will be to add in the documentations that :
The Market Watchlist does not work under Windows 10 with WineHQ. But it works great under Windows 7.
If you want to use the Watchlist, all what you have to do is to run “winecfg” in the terminal and select “Windows 7” instead of “Windows 10”.

Have a nice weekend !

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