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August 17, 2023

Become a member of the QChartist Community ! It’s free.

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Become a member of the QChartist Community ! It’s free.

As a member, you will receive : free trading signals, ebooks about trading, priority support, submission of your website in the directory, free ads, our newsletters, free membership to the community, free QCHARTIST tokens on the Ethereum Mainnet network, goodies, and many more.

Register now : https://www.qchartist.net/directory/createmember.php

July 25, 2023

Recommended OS and WineHQ version for QChartist

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Recommended OS and WineHQ version for QChartist

After intensive use of the QChartist software under Linux with WineHQ, i found that QC GUI often crashs with Wine >= 5. The problem seems to deal with the widgets of the wine Windows graphical API.
To avoid frequent crash of QC under Linux, please don’t install Wine 5 or superior, install Wine 4 or inferior. For Debian 12 use the deb packages from https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/debian/pool/main/ and install them manually with synaptic, apt, gdebi-gtk and dpkg -i.

It is also recommended to use the Gnome graphical interface. Avoid LXDE which is lite but often crashs.
Also run away from proprietary OS like Ubuntu, Lubuntu, Android, MacOS or Windows > 7. They often contain spyware or trackers.
Prefer a real GNU OS like Debian GNU Linux or FreeBSD.
I personally work with Debian GNU Linux OS, with the gnome-panel graphical interface ; and i had to install Wine 4.
QChartist seems to be much more stable since then.

If you need to stay under Windows the best option is Windows 7. Avoid Windows 11, QC crashs too much under this OS ; and the connection often timeouts.

To install Wine 4 .deb packages you can use synaptic and gdebi-gtk and dpkg -i
Under Debian, you may have to type this before using dpkg :
export PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin

To install a specific version of a package with apt use : apt-get install winehq-stable=4.0.0~yourdistro-1

Before installing packages, you should enable i386 architecture for Wine with :
sudo dpkg –add-architecture i386 && sudo apt update

You may need to add the Wine repository PPA :
edit the sources.list file with :
nano /etc/apt/sources.list
and add this line in the file :
deb https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/debian/ bullseye main
(change the debian/ bullseye entry with your OS version)
then import the wine key with :
wget https://dl.winehq.org/wine-builds/winehq.key
apt-key add winehq.key
apt-get update

Under Linux, you may also need to associate .exe files with Wine. You may need to copy wine.desktop to /usr/share/applications or to $HOME/.local/share/applications/. You will find wine.desktop in /usr/share/doc/wine/examples/wine.desktop. Then you can associate .exe files with Wine under the Nautilus file explorer. I had to do this under Debian.

You may also need to download and copy these Fonts to ~/.wine/drive_c/windows/fonts/

After installing and running QC update.exe, to recompile QC with QTStart.bat, under the terminal use :
wineconsole cmd
cd qchartist

Hope this helps

July 23, 2023

Do not choose Windows nor Ubuntu: choose GNU Debian !

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That’s it, i finally migrated to GNU Debian Linux with gnome-panel and WineHQ.
No more spyware. And my PC works better. What a joy !
I encourage everybody to do the same.
Do not choose Windows nor Ubuntu nor MacOS : choose GNU Debian !
Now i can work peacefully.

July 19, 2023

QChartist can fully replace TradingView and MT4 !

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In just a few words ; i am happy today that i can now say that QChartist build 275 can fully replace TradingView and MT4 MetaTrader 4. It is pleasant that i can entirely rely on an open source solution and that QC can do all the job. I am no more dependent to paid, commercial, copyrighted and closed source software. I think it’s a scoop.

QChartist build 275 is out!

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QChartist build 275 is out!

  • Now you can load H4 TF charts on the fly from Yahoo Finance, with indicators, and auto refresh it.
    4 hour timeframe works for all tickers from YF data source.
    You can run update and recompile with QTStart

July 17, 2023

QChartist build 274 is out!

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QChartist build 274 is out!

  • Volatility Pivot indicator debugged
  • Added a new user-friendly and free customizable Market Watchlist with price alerts
    Works with thousands of tickers. I hope you will like it!
    You can run update and recompile with QTStart

July 15, 2023

Bug with the Volatility Pivot indicator in build 273

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There is a bug in with the Volatility Pivot indicator in build 273.
The volatilitypivottrstop basic double array variable indicator buffer returns wrong values.
It seems like sometimes RapidQ memory limits are reached.
The workaround is to store indicator buffer values in a qstringgrid variable.
It’s a bit tricky but it works.
I attached the two files that have been modified here. They should be replaced and then recompile the program.
Best regards.

July 3, 2023

QChartist major bug finally solved in build 273 !

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Hello guys,

Good news :

A Major bug that made QChartist crashing when loading monthly charts has been solved in build 273 !

Since many years i did not understand why the software was crashing when trying to load monthly charts for world indices and stocks. Moreover, it was not possible to put indicators on these charts.

The problem was the same for daily, weekly and monthly crypto charts.

This problem was one of the last QChartist weakness. I am very happy today that this problem is definitely solved and that all your charts (Bitcoin, Crypto, Stocks, Indices, Commodities and FX) can be loaded by the software successfully on all timeframes. You can also put indicators and draw objects on all these charts.

The problem was dealing with the bar volumes that were stored into integer variables. This was in fact a big mistake from my part. Integer variables are sometimes not enough for some bar volumes especially on large timeframes. Thus i replaced volumes integer variables to double variables. As a result, QChartist now works like a clockwork.

I made some other minor modifications at the same time (improved the price decimal precision for the crosshair and objects position). High price decimal precision is important for crypto charts.

To conclude, i hope that this major improvement will encourage traders to choose QChartist or simply to use it more often as the software has now become more and more user-friendly.

You are invited to update your software to the build 273.

Enjoy and happy trading !

June 29, 2023

Interesting analysis and advices supplements for the QChartist Price Action System

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Interesting analysis and advices supplements for the QChartist Price Action System :

You can also use the center of gravity cpp 225 on monthly charts or the center of gravity cpp 1000 on weekly charts with Past Regression Deviated 225 on monthly charts or Past Regression Deviated 1000 on weekly charts to find the trend and oversold / overbought conditions of markets.

Money management :
Leverage : 1x (Spot) to 10x max. If you can’t reduce your leverage, you must reduce your position size.
Position size : use only a fraction of your capital per position (for example 2% to 1/3 max for a leverage no more than 10x). For a leverage of for example 100x : 3% of your capital max. per position. Never trade all your capital in one position, even with spot trading.

April 24, 2023

QChartist readme documentation text files line ending issue

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I recently decided to work under Linux and to write QChartist text files under this system.

Although QChartist is designed to work on Windows, i prefer to work with it on Linux with WineHQ.

So if you have problems to read the readme.txt file and to edit the QChartist.ini file under Windows :

Use Wordpad to display and edit my text files with correct line endings under Windows.

Text files line ending compatibility between Windows and Linux is an old problem.

Windows uses \r\n at the end of each line whereas Linux uses only \n at the end of lines.

That’s why you should not use Notepad under Windows to view or edit QChartist files, use Wordpad or JFE instead.

Thanks for your attention.

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