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September 6, 2023

Immortalité – Ondes cérébrales – Orbitales – de Valence – Dualité onde corpuscule – Corps énergétique – Double dimension – Vibratoire – Etre lumineux – de lumière – éternel – Loi divine – Unité – Sortie de temps – Intemporalité

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La mort n’existe pas, ce n’est qu’une étape parfois nécessaire pour la poursuite de la vie.

Tout a une conscience.

Voici ci-dessous quelques mots clés pour vous éclairer lors de vos recherches sur ce sujet :

Immortalité – Ondes cérébrales – Orbitales – de Valence – Dualité onde corpuscule – Corps énergétique – Double dimension – Vibratoire – Etre lumineux – de lumière – Eternel – Loi divine – Existance lumineuse éternelle – Sortie de temps – Unité – Intemporalité

Quelques personalités sur ce thème :

  • Philippe Bobola
  • Jean Jaurès : “La mort n’est qu’un déplacement d’existence.”
  • Thierry Paul Millemann

February 21, 2023

Some links

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http://www.mysticmamma.com is a website talking about consciousness, spirituality and astrology. Articles speak about what happens in the sky (astronomical events) and their impact on our actual life. The website is often updated.

http://345d.fr : this site talks about ascension, spirituality, personal developement.

http://www.amour-et-verite.com : Stephane Rambaud shares with you his heartiness for personal developement, spiritual and esoteric, and also all things that are linked because all is linked. Music, humor, health, sport… All that in the love and truth.

http://www.energie-sante.net : The point of convergence of energy therapies for everybody.

Healing/Chakra Cleansing Meditation/Relaxation Music : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU3oAyin8W4&list=RDNPVX75VIpqg

A source for information on A=432Hz and the effects of the vibrant environment on awareness : http://omega432.com

http://www.collective-evolution.com : Creating change through transforming consciousness. Numerous interesting articles.

Secrets in Plain Sight – Patterns in Art, Architecture & the Cosmos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L777RhL_Fz4 http://www.secretsinplainsight.com

Sonic Geometry: The Language of Frequency and Form : Throughout history, numerous clues and hints regarding geometry and frequency have been staring at us, calling to us, and waiting for us to put them into place like pieces of a giant puzzle. Here at the dawn of a new age, this sonic-geometric puzzle is finally nearing completion, revealing the building blocks of a language based on energy, frequency and form.
How will we use it? With whom will we be communicating? Now that we know the basics of this new language, maybe we are ready to begin the conversation…. again? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY74AFQl2qQ

Sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0gBoV0ygJc

The Portal
The Intelligence Hub for the Victory of Light

Vidéos intéressantes sur les fractales : Fractales à la recherche de la dimension cachée : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3rshqpr3JY&list;=PLF3C31A503BB23523

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mCztbdeNVg : vidéo documentaire (incomplète) : Les mystères de la physique quantique

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UPl1uUU88o : vidéo sur la Théorie des Cordes : Ce qu’Einstein ne Savait pas Encore

Musique qui soigne, nettoie les Chakras pour Méditer et se Relaxer : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tU3oAyin8W4&list;=RDNPVX75VIpqg

Une source d’information sur A=432Hz et les effets de l’environnement vibrant sur la conscience : http://omega432.com

http://www.collective-evolution.com : créé le changement en transformant la conscience. De nombreux articles intéressants.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsMLmTnOm0Y : vidéo documentaire “Mondes Intérieurs, Mondes Extérieurs” : Il existe un champ vibratoire reliant toutes choses On l’a appelé Akasha, le son originel Om, les perles du collier d’Indra, l’harmonie des sphères et des milliers d’autres noms lui furent attribués à travers l’histoire. Les professeurs anciens enseignaient le Nada Brahma – l’univers est vibration. Le champ vibratoire est à la source de toute véritable expérience spirituelle et de toute recherche scientifique. Il s’agit du même champ ésotérique que des saints, des bouddhas, des yogis, des mystiques, des prêtres, des chamanes, des prophètes ont observé par introspection. Bon nombre d’imminents penseurs de l’histoire tels que Pythagore, Keppler, Léonard de Vinci, Tesla et Einstein approchèrent le seuil du mystère. Dans la société moderne, la majeure partie de l’humanité a perdu la sagesse ancienne. Nous nous sommes trop égarés dans le domaine de la pensée, ce que nous percevons comme le monde extérieur de la forme.
Nous avons perdu notre lien vers les mondes intérieurs. Cet équilibre, appelé “la voie moyenne” par le Bouddha et “le juste milieu” par Aristote, est le droit de naissance de chaque être humain. C’est la source commune de toutes les religions et le lien entre nos mondes intérieurs et extérieurs.

http://www.ascensionnow.co.uk – A spirit-guided website. Information: The Law of One, spiritual awakening and ascension of humanity, the nature of reality and consciousness, galaxy/solar system/earth changes, and prophecies. – What you do here will affect all other planets, plus planets yet to be created. They may not have your Divine complement, but what you do will change their awareness. You are, therefore, the catalyst for something so big that you cannot conceive of it.

Tools and resources for sciences

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Calendar Magic EuroSoft: http://www.stokepoges.plus.com

CaRMetal – Dynamic geometry software : http://db-maths.nuxit.net/CaRMetal/

Declic – Software for computer aided geometry : http://emmanuel.ostenne.free.fr

JFDraw – Software for drawing geometrical figures : http://www.jfimagine.com

Isoptikon – An instrument for creation of exact drawings of plane Euclidean Geometry : http://www.uch.gr/Tmhmata/MATHEMATICS/MATH.html

Astronomy Lab 2 – One of the most innovative, interesting, and useful astronomy programs available for Microsoft Windows : http://www.personalmicrocosms.com

L’astronomie par les calculs 2.0 – A complete and useful astronomy program : http://members.aol.com/herculis/Page1.htm

Unit Converter Expert V1.0 – A great unit conversion tool http://www.calcexpert.com/

Helper is a software program intended to assist physicists, engineers, and other experts in performing computations. The program allows you to find quickly the majority of physical constants. http://www.geocities.com/shalaevr

Applied Thermodynamics Help http://www.taftan.com

Alcyone Planet’s Orbits : this software uses the orbital elements data, published by the Minor Planet Center (MPCORB) to display planet orbits.

Engineering Unplugged is a collection of websites for the benefit of the Engineering and Sciences Community. It is the place to find top Engineering and Sciences schools, organizations, websites, blogs and forums. You can browse here resources for topics like Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Cryotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Manufacturing, Military Science, Nuclear Power, Robotics, Surveying and many more.

Join a network of researchers from the world’s top institutions.

On AliceInPhysics, you will find everything you need to know about the Relativity Theory (time dilation, length deformation, simultaneity, image and source, the Doppler Effect, the roles of fields in physics, etc.)

In 1978 Hans Cousto, a Swiss mathematician and musicologist discovered the natural law of the “Cosmic Octave” as the link between different kinds of perodically occurring natural phenomena, such as the orbit of the planets, the weather, colors, rhythms and tones.

VoiceSync is a research initiative that uses vibrational resources to improve our subtle perception and global consciousness.

E-books on riddles in science :

Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles :

Physical Geography is a sub-discipline of two much larger fields of study – Geography and Earth Sciences. The main purpose of Physical Geography is to explain the spatial characteristics of the various natural phenomena associated with the Earth’s hydrosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and lithosphere.

The world of pi on the internet is vast but to me few sites are complete… Anyway, I have not found any french site that i was really looking for, and for a maths-lover who is not a mathematician like me, it is sometime hard to work out all the proofs on your own….

For those who wish to study the sky without software, this web page : http://www.elbertwade.com/atlas.html allows you to get in a single click, for a date and a place, the sign of the astrological wheel with his degrees and minutes, the latitude and longitude, for the planets, the ASC, the MC.

Accurate numerical informations on planets :

Informations on parameters to take into account when calculating planets positions : http://www.stjarnhimlen.se/comp/ppcomp.html

Historical data on sunspots : http://www.sidc.be/silso/datafiles
Solar and geomagnetic historical data : http://www.solen.info/solar/indices.html

Source codes from astronomy programs and digital : http://www.moshier.net

Calendes – many calendars : http://www.olravet.fr

http://www.rexresearch.com : Rex Research collects and disseminates reports about suppressed/dormant/emerging science, inventions, technologies, experiments, and theories.

http://www.traced-ideas.eu : Music theory, Schematic algebra, Cycles, resonances, synchronization, Solar activity, Mayan astronomy, Realm of atoms, The last Fermat theorem, Equations, Earthquakes, Physics

http://www.alphee.com/ : astrology and trading softwares by Alphee Lavoie & Sergey Tarasov

http://www.astro.com/ : “Astrodienst” means “Astro Service”.
“Dienst” is German for “service”, and is pronounced “deenst”. “Astro” is not a particular word, but a common abbreviation for Astrology.

http://www.qchartist.net/files/index.php?dir=sciences%2Fmisc%2FLes+nombres+Symbolisme+et+Proprietes%2F Numerology

https://numberempire.com/ Numerology

http://crazy-numbers.com/ Numerology

https://dailygalaxy.com/ Great Discoveries Channel. The Daily Galaxy’s San Francisco-based founder and editor is Val Landi. Prior to launching dailygalaxy.com in 2007, Val was executive vice-president of global technology publisher, IDG, where he was head of Computerworld Electronic Media and founder of Computerworld.com –one of the Internet’s first news sites. Val later joined Palo Alto-based Interval Research as Senior Vice President. Interval –whose mission was to help create the IP foundation for the wired world–was founded by Paul Allen, Microsoft’s co-founder and creator of the Allen Radio Telescope Array in the High Sierra’s. Val hold’s a Master’s Degree (’91) from Harvard University, with a concentration on the history of science. At Harvard, Val studied with I. Bernard Cohen, one of the world’s leading authorities on Isaac Newton. The founder of Isis, Cohen was often referred to as the “father of the history of science”.

https://dailygalaxy.com/2019/07/illusion-of-death-in-the-quantum-universe-we-exist-indefinitely-as-soul-holiday-feature/ “Illusion of Death” –‘In the Quantum Universe We Exist Indefinitely’

Ancient Symbols and their meanings – We love the beauty, the meanings, and significations of many of the world’s most ancient symbols.

Welcome to Statology – Statology
Statology is a site that makes learning statistics easy through explaining topics in simple and straightforward ways. Find out for yourself by reading through our resources: Statistics Tutorials. Learn all about statistics from the ground up by reading through our statistics tutorials. Machine Learning Tutorials

Appearances of Phi, the Golden Ratio, in the Solar System
Certain solar system orbital periods are closely related to phi Certain planets of our solar system seem to exhibit a relationship to phi, as shown by the following table of the time it takes to orbit around the Sun: Saturn reveals a golden ratio phi relationship in several of its dimensions

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