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February 21, 2023


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Hello and welcome to my site. Since my childhood, i’ve always been passionate of computer sciences and new technologies. I begun to write my first programs at the age of 7 with an Amstrad computer in Basic language. I made studies in computer sciences, sciences and multimedia.
I’m also passionate of music. I studied music theory and piano for several years. Then, at about the age of 16, i begun to do computer aided music and to compose my own tracks with Fast Tracker II. Then i used Renoise and Reason with an M-Audio keyboard. My favorite remains Renoise 1.5 with his VST and VSTi plugins.
I am also interested in sciences, and more precisely in Astronomy, electronics, cybernetics. I like to explore the sky with a telescope, and to make electronic circuits with or without an Arduino board.
I like Windows as much as Linux. Both are good and complementary.
I also like trading and technical analysis. I begun trading in 2005 with Meta Trader 4. Then i programmed my own technical analysis software since 2010 which i called QChartist. My favorite programming language is RapidQ mixed with C++. Those two programming languages enabled me to program QChartist, a powerful and open source TA software that has nothing to envy from his competitors. It allows to read charts, put technical indicators, draw geometrical shapes, use astronomy module for the indicators, automate the analysis and obtain signals. After having practiced technical analysis for more than 10 years, i developed my own efficient trading system which i called System Sync. It is available for free.
My prefered programming languages are QBasic, QB64, RapidQ, Visual Basic, BBC Basic SDL 2.0

You can connect with me via:
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I wish you a nice visit of my site.

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