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February 21, 2023


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These web pages are dedicated to the most important aspect of man’s life: seeking and knowing Truth.

For more than a decade, the Chopra Center for Well being has served as a beautiful, nurturing place where people can come to heal their physical pain, find emotional freedom, empower themselves, and connect to their inner spiritual life.

Alliance for a new humanity
Creating alliances toward one world that honors life and builds an awareness of humanity’s interconnectedness.

Books that i encourage to read :
– Dr Deepak Chopra – The seven spiritual laws of success
– Dr Deepak Chopra – The book of coincidences
– Richard Feynman – The nature of physics

Fractals and their influence in everyday’s life.


As it is shown in this animation, we can zoom as much as we want in the pattern, each part of which it is made of (microcosm) is the reflection of the pattern in its wholeness (macrocosm). It’s an universal property of the universe. The whole universe reflects to himself in the biggest galaxy to the smallest particle of our body. One particularity of this principle is that even if you cut a part of a body named A into two parts B and C, these last two parts contain nevertheless all the potential of A (like our cells in our body which divide themselves continually during our life (cf holography)). Certain kinds of animals manifest this property flagrantly. See the following videos :
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Keeping in mind my explanations on fractals above, believing that each of us (microcosm) are separated each other, by the mean of space and time is an illusion. By enlarging our field of spirit, we realize that we all are one (macrocosm, universe), and that each of us is the reflect of this macrocosm, no matter the space and time that separe us. Everything inhabits everything, and is interdependent (cf EPR paradox).
When we become conscious of all these facts in a permanent way : ego, susceptibility, the need to judge, the need to justify ourselves to the others, fear, the need to defend your own point of view, changing mood, reprimands, pride, the fear of the unknown and fear of the uncertainty, suffering : all of these things end up to disappear. Then, we adopt thoughts and behaviors which allow to improve each of our lifes (in the image of the whole). You will realize then that by applying the spiritual laws of life and success (see the books above), other problems (existing prior to your journey to the enlightenment) that appear to be non linked unveil their solution at the same time. It is not the duty of the universe to satisfy our personnal caprices, but we need to tune ourselves (as a musical instrument) to the intentions of the universe, with the help of those teachings. Then, the contrarieties that you met in your daily life will become more and more rare, and by the same you will contribute to make disapear the contrarieties of other persons (both (you and the others) are inseparable). Those subjects are explained in the books that i suggest you to read (see above).

http://www.ascensionnow.co.uk/ This website contains information from many sources relating to the spiritual awakening and evolution of Humanity, the nature of reality and Consciousness, what is happening on earth and in our solar system/galaxy/universe, and prophecies for these times.

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