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February 21, 2023

Why too much sugar is so bad for your health

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Fast-acting sugars (mainly glucose) can be found in sodas, industrial foods, white bread, canned fruits with sirup, low-value fruit juices, cookies, chocolate bars, candy, ice cream, etc.

Effects of too much fast-acting sugars:

– promotes acidosis
– depletes good nutrients from your body –> leads to deficiencies
– prevents proper breakdown of fat stores
– damages the cells and weakens immune system, leads to cancer
– encourages the growth of yeast and other pathogens in the digestive system
– weakens eyes and vision
– causes inflammation, hair loss, skin problems, hirsutism
– contributes to dehydration
– prevents acid gastric juices from helping to digest the food you eat
– increases oxydative stress
and all these problems can cause other problems that i did not mention

Better sugars to consider: stevia, honey, fructose

Herbs and food that help to lower sugar levels in your body:

– fenugreek
– cinnamon
– green citrus
– coriander
– ginseng
– dandelion
– goldenseal
– uva ursi
– Bilberry
– buchu
– Huckleberry
– Cedar berries
– bitter melon
– lycopene: tomato
– antioxydants (especially green): capers, broccoli, spirulina, spinach, green pepper, dill, parsley, wakame)
– Juniper (Juniperis)
– saffron
– alfalfa
– purple loosestrife
– maitake
– chervil
– elecampane
– goat’s rue
– bearberry leaves
– devil’s claw
– periwinkle
– bay leaves
– beans
– bitter gourd
– chicory
– da zao
– flax / linseed
– garlic
– gurmar
– indian fig
– kudzu
– macadamia nut (without sugar coating)
– onion
– peanut
– red clover
– safflower
– tea (black and green)
– thyme
– cumin
– burdock
– globe artichoke
– echinacea

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